Many natural products used as medicines come from plants. Their extraction from the natural source is usually the only economically viable production method. Hence, there is a great interest in the pharmaceutical industry in the development of alternative production methods such as biocatalytic processes using biological catalysts which allow to ensure the quality of the product obtained through enantioselective and controlled reactions.

The tropane alkaloids are used in medicine due to their anticholinergic activity. The enzyme Hiosciamine 6β-hydroxylase (H6H) catalyzes the conversion of hyoscyamine to 6β-hydroxy-hyoscyamine and scopolamine by means of two sequential chemical reactions. We have previoulsy expressed

Brugmansia candida h6h gene using S. cerevisiae and E. coli as expression hosts. Hyoscyamine biotransformation processes are currently being developed using whole cells of E. coli in free and immobilized form and isolated enzymes produced in both hosts. Also, we are working on the immobilization of enzymes through affinity domains to low cost matrices such as cellulose and chitosan.

Principal Researcher

Dra. Alejandra Cardillo

Group members

Dra. Ana M Giulietti.

Dra. María Perassolo.

Dr. Julián Rodríguez Talou.

Bioq. Minoia, Juan