In this line of research we propose as a general objective the development of an integrated process for the production and purification of recombinant proteins of biotechnological application in diagnostic kits using different expression platforms. The product to be developed will be a diagnostic reagent based on the immobilization of protein E, the main antigen of the envelope of the dengue virus. They will be produced as fusion proteins with hydrophobins for simple and economical purification by two-phase aqueous systems. Fusion proteins either purified or partially purified can be immobilized on solid supports commonly used in the design of diagnostic kits. The production platforms used are: transient expression in plants, baculovirus system-cells and insect larvae, yeasts and bacteria.

Principal Researcher

Dr. Julián RodriguezTalou.

Group members

Dra. Ana M. Giulietti.
Bioq. M. Emilia Smith.
Bioq. Julieta Cerezo.