Production demand of recombinant vaccines and proteins  for human, veterinary and diagnostic applications is growing in the field of Biotechnology. Our line

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of research consists in establishing a technological platform for the  production of recombinant proteins of commercial interest based on the use of larvae of different lepidopteran species that constitute pests in our country. The infection of these insects with recombinant baculoviruses will allow obtaining proteins at low cost. The technology is not widely disseminated worldwide and in our country there is little experience in this area. On the other hand, the physicochemical characteristics of the proteins present in the autochthonous larvae are studied by proteomics techniques in order to design rational and general purification processes

Principal Researcher
Dra. María Victoria Miranda
Group Members
Dra. Alexandra Marisa Targovnik.
Bioq. Mariana Bernadett Arregui.
Bioq. Mc Callum, Gregorio Juan.
Bioq. Ignacio Smith
Dr. Osvaldo Cascone
Dr. Federico Wolman.


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