Bioactive peptides and ligands for affinity chromatography

Peptides, as well as small organic molecules, can be synthesized in a simple manner on a large scale, low cost and with high purity. Also, like proteins, they have high affinity and selectivity for their molecular targets. However, they have not yet been sufficiently explored what opens many potential pharmacological and industrial applications.



Peptidomes analysis of large number of species of microorganisms, plants and animals, together with the chemical synthesis and screening of combinatorial peptide libraries allow the design of a wide variety of peptides with applications: a) as therapeutic due their bioactive properties, b) as agents of diagnosis and c) as ligands in the purification of proteins by affinity chromatography.


The line of work of our group deals with the design and synthesis of peptides with high stability against chemical and enzymatic degradation for its application as: a) immunogens for the preparation of antivenom serums and vaccines; b) new bioactive compounds with pharmacological activities; c) antibiotics, antifungals and insecticides, d) ligand in affinity chromatography in protein purification processes and other industrial applications.

Principal Reseracher
Dra. Silvia Andrea Camperi
Group members
Dr. Osvaldo Cascone
Dra. María Camila Martínez Ceron
Dra. Silvana Laura Giudicessi
Lic. Soledad Lorena Saavedra
Lic. Gabriela Romina Barredo
Silvia Camperi

Peptide Team