The emergence of Synthetic Biology as a recent scientific discipline, is mainly based on the possibility of using genetic elements as blocks (Bio Bricks) with properties that make them suitable for their application in the rational design of logical operation circuits in different biological environments, from bacteria , cells or completely synthetic systems.

The main advantage with respect to the classic Molecular Biology strategies, is that these Bio Bricks undergo a process of characterization regarding their performance, compatibility, connectivity, interchangeability between environments and especially, their ability to be tuned.

Our group focuses on the creation of rationally designed blocks for application in different biological platforms in two areas of Biotechnology: detection of molecular biomarkers and polymer production..

As a result of an excellent collaborative teaching experience (TecnoX 2016) and the support of the UBA (UBACYT PDE8-2017) we designed a platform to detect combinations of biomarkers for enterohemorrhagic bacteria that is currently in its performance validation phase as a simple matching circuit or logic "AND" that uses the mechanism of RNA toehold switch as basic structure of operation. We are currently in the design phase of a simple operation logic circuit to direct the synthesis of biodegradable plastic polymers in bacteria using low cost materials as substrates.

Biol Sint

Principal Researcher
Dr. Rodrigo Horacio Gonzalez
Group Members
Dr. Lucas Ruberto,
Agustina Toscanini
Augusto Garcia
Lic. Alejandra Elliff