Magnetite superparamagnetic nanoparticles (MNP) are becoming one of the firsts nanocommodity products. MNP find a number of applications and they are been produced at relatively large scale. The co-precipitation method presents many technical and economical advantages among alternative processes. However, the relationships between physical and chemical reaction conditions during the co-precipitation process and the resulting properties of obtained MNP are not yet fully understood. The novelty of this contribution is the establishment of the cross-dependency effects of the main physical and chemical parameters of the co-precipitation reaction on the properties of resulting MNP. The conditions were varied by following an experimental design. The crystallite size, particle size and magnetization of the MNP and the Z-potential and size of their aggregates were selected as main response properties. A set of equations in the form of 4D surface responses in the space of co-precipitation process variables was obtained and analyzed in terms of the resulting properties. The set of equations is useful to predict, optimize and tailor very precisely the properties of resulting MNP as a function of reaction conditions.